Senior Fellowship Description

Senior Fellowship is a group of senior parents. The members are senior truth-seekers, or senior Christians of our church. The church decided to have this fellowship due to the following insights:

(1) Senior Chinese people, no matter visitors, or immigrants, most feel bored and lonely;
(2) Due to the language barrier, most feel disappointed with communication;
(3) These people have had similar live experiences.

In the evening of each second + fourth Friday of the months, from 7:30 to 9:30, we gather at Brother Jiawu Sun's house, 2730 Louise Street (close to the church). Our program includes free-chating time, hymn-singing time, christianity-education session, and refreshment sharing time.

The door of the fellowship is fully open to every parent, senior friends. Together, let's enjoy the blesses from our dear Heavenly Father.